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Question: What are those black stains and streaks up on my roof?

Answer: The staining and streaks are caused by a type of algae called Gloeoecapsa Magma.It is a algae similar to various forms of algae found in ponds, lakes and streams, except this type of algae is an airborne spore that prefers to dwell and propagate on the shingle and tile rooftops of homes and businesses.

Question: Why is this algae living up on my roof and can it harm my roof?

Answer: The Gloeocapsa Magma Algae is actually a miniature plant. As you are aware, every plant needs nutrients and water to grow. The algae problem almost always begins on the North face of most roofs as this is where this type of algae has its best chance of survival until it is fully mature.The North roof face or (northern roof exposure area) is the most damp and receives the least amount of sunlight and is therefore, protected and has all the nutients, optimal conditions and H20 it needs to thrive.The algae is actually feeding on the “limestone” that is used as a “filler” in the roof shingle manufacturing process. During the feeding process occurring from the Gloeocapsa Magma algae snacking almost continously on the “limestone filler” the dislodging and disturbing of the ceramic granules occurs which weakens the roof shingles protective coating over time.These granules are important to the integrity of the roofing shingles. The ceramic coatings on the granules that are placed in the roofing material are for shingle strength, and reflective properties to repel the suns damaging rays.

Question: Why has this roof algae problem gone from, unnoticable, to very noticable, so quickly?

Answer: Although small, this plant has a charactertic of multiplying in numbers” relatively rapidly.As this algae breeds new versions of itself or “baby algae”, this plant leaves behind a dark husk or carcass. This dark colored husk is meant to be used as a UV barrier to protect the alage from the sun’s intense heat and rays.Like a snake shedding its skin, this discarded exterior algae husk or shell is left behind, deposited on the roof surface and that is what you can see from the ground as the streaking, staining and discoloration on the roofs surface.Once this hearty type of algae gains a foothold on your roof, it grows and expands rapidly with layers and layers of this decomposing algae carcass and excretion debris discoloring your roof in very short order.

Question: Is there anything I can do about this growing roof algae problem?

Answer: Yes. Fortunately, there is. Roof Cleaning is becoming more and more popular as this algae infestation speads across the United States and abroad.Non Pressure Safe Roof Cleaning methods, endored by the American Roofing Manufacturers Association and the American Roof Cleaners Association, as well as the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America, are the preferred method.Safely cleaning, removing and treating the surface of algae covered roofs is key to restore them to near new looking condition. It is the homeowners responsibility to make sure this non pressure roof cleaning method is performed by competent, trained safe roof cleaning professionals.The process can be completed relatively quickly, safely and fairly easily when the roof cleaning process is performed by a professional roof cleaning contractor like Wash It Clean Restorations. Call a roof cleaning professional and get the roof cleaning job done right the first time.