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Roofs of homes are exposed to a variety of elements which can cause a lot of dust to accumulate on them. The wind deposits leaves and other debris on roofs, while the sun and water can also contribute to damaging the roof. Also, carbon pollution from industrial activity and the widespread use of polluting petroleum products by cars and trucks also tend to deposit on roofs. This is where you can use roof cleaning services of the best roofing professional to give a roof a makeover.

Over time, roofs will also have a tendency to accumulate roof algae, lichen, moss, mold and mildew, all of which can be removed with periodic roof cleaning. Shingle roofs tend to develop a fungus called Gloeocapsa Magma, which is air borne and tends to accumulate on roofs. Humid areas are more prone to this algae and will cause the roof to look stained with black or brown streak or spots. Getting a regular roof cleaning also helps to extend its life, and avoid the costly alternative of roof replacement and an empty wallet. The costs spent on cleaning will be just a fraction of replacement costs and therefore need to be done at regular intervals, usually yearly. Look at it the way you look at spring cleaning, and you will not mind the small expense that will actually give your home a much cared for look.
There are several ways you can approach the task of cleaning a roof. You can use a number of chemicals and other cleaning products or simply go in for pressure cleaning with water, but the best way is to leave the job to a seasoned professional who knows what they are doing and backs their work with a guarantee.