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Roof Cleaning Sandston Va

Roof Cleaning Sandston Va Shingle roofs over time develop black stains over the entire life of the shingle. This is caused by algae. The algae is actually a living bacterium that is feeding off of the asphalt in the shingle. Left unattended, this creates shortened shingle life, increases electric bills because of the insulating factor…

Roof Cleaning Goochland Va

Roof Cleaning Goochland Va Homeowner’s insurance companies are now imploring a new policy so that dirt, dark streaks, or any moss growing on the roof of a covered property may be more than just a nuisance; some are going so far as to cancel policies because the rooftops are considered to be too dirty. Policyholders…

Roof Cleaning Bon Air

Roof Cleaning Bon Air Of all the types of roofing material, slate roofs can easily be considered one of the most aesthetically enjoyable and durable shingle used in the roofing industry today. If properly maintained, slate roofs can last up to, or even longer than, 100 years. A large part of maintaining your slate roof’s…