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Metal roofs are some of the most durable types of roofs and if well maintained, they can endure even the most severe weather conditions. In fact, good quality metal roofs may be able to last for several years, and possibly a lifetime. The key here is proper maintenance and roof cleaning and with it, you can preserve the like new condition of your roof. Unfortunately, you cannot cut corners when it comes to roof cleaning; when you get sloppy or lazy in cleaning your roof, you can get into trouble,as damaged singles cost a lot of money to repair and replace. To help you keep your roof in good condition, here are some easy steps for you to follow and place in your calendar:
Do Regular Roof Cleaning
Regular roof cleaning is very important if you want to keep your roof in good condition. Remove debris and leaves from your shingles and gutters every time the seasons change. Remember that rotting debris and leaves may cause corrosion on your roof if left unattended. You should remove all vegetation that may grow on your roof, as seeds that are carried by the wind will always find a perfect place for them to grow on your roof. As soon as you see this, be sure to remove the plant immediately because no matter how small the vegetation, can cause a lot of damage to your shingles.
When cleaning your roof, be sure to apply the right kind of roof cleaning products. This can easily be done by contacting an experienced roof cleaner in your area, such as Wash It Clean.
Repaint Your Roof When Needed, if Metal
Painting your roof is important both for aesthetic and maintenance reasons. Painted metal roofing is less likely to suffer from corrosion than roofing left to erode by the weather and elements. If your metal roof is unpainted, now is the perfect time to paint it, and if your metal roof is painted, make sure that the paint is still in good condition and check seasonally. Also be sure to have your contractor check the paint of your roof when you have your roof professionally cleaned. Be on the look out for bubbles on painted roofs, which can mean that your roof is corroding. To prevent further damage, remove the paint and scrape off the source of the corrosion and simply repaint that portion of the roof.