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Roof cleaning is very important to do once a year, as blizzards, rain storms, and wind storms can do a lot to your roof. Maintaining the roof will help prevent mold, algae, moss, lichen, and fungi from growing quickly, but if not maintained yearly these organisms will grow and can start to become harmful also will completely damage your roof in enough time, so that repair is not an option, but only replacement.
Roof cleaning will extend the life of your roof for many years so there’s no need to replace an unsightly roof when a simple cleaning will do at a small fraction of the cost of replacement, also it will return the new home curb appeal to your property, and best of all, it increases the value of your property, and keeps your savings growing by making your house more energy efficient.
At Wash It Clean, we only use the best for our customers. We use the cutting edge, no damage, soft wash roof cleaning method with a professional, approved solution by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) that will not harm your roof, landscaping, or your beloved pets. Pressure washing and power washing your roof will cause damage to the shingles, siding, and also the landscaping surrounding your property.

Caution is urged when seeking a roof cleaning contractor. Many untrained people looking for easy money will simply purchase a cheap power washer and use harmful pressure, plain water and no detergent to clean a roof. This will give the appearance of clean but the algae is still present. Usually, in less than a year the stains will return and the contractor won’t (if you can even find them). Choose a professional that has the proper equipment, training, detergents and most importantly, one that is established and stands behind their work. Wash It Clean is a fully insured professional roof cleaner.